Never Give Up – Who you Are is calling You!

I’ve been away from this blog for quite a while now.  A major project at work to blame.  Work on something I hope is going to change my life for the better.   Something I hope will …no, not hope – something I know is going to free up more time, one day, for me to work more on this blog as well as other things dear to the heart.  Dreams unforgotten.

But how I have missed it: writing about the Warrior’s Journey and feeling elsewhere (outside of the gym)  some progress in life – some sense I am being more of myself.   Answering some call within to be all that I am.  What I’ve become.

Work.  For now unavoidable.  Eating my time.

It’s funny.  Part of me wants to complain more about this.  But here,  accepting  again my Warrior’s mantle, I know I should be killing self-pity.

And so I smile to myself.  None of it matters.

Self-pity is so superficial anyway.  Shallow.  Superfluous.  And mostly a whole load of crap we spout for other folks ears, before they in their turn spout  crap in ours.

Mutual crap ejaculation.

Yes, maybe work does get in the way of the life that you’d like, and tired and lacking in time you fall into to thinking “what the hell is the point?” But we know   by doing nothing more than mumping and moaning we won’t make anything better.  Instead we’ve got to bring more of who really we are to the fore, through action – no matter how small or seemingly insignificant that action is –  through doing, something that feels to us more like what we really want to be doing.

Like what I feel is happening for me now, writing this.  The angst ridden writer is no longer here, he’s gone – he does not write, he’s full of self-pity, lost without writing – but now he’s no longer here, because of this act.

Likewise when I’m training Wing Chun something similar happens:  ideas of frailty start falling away, more and more I see a stronger “me” surface.  The real me.

Maybe these words will resonate with you – maybe they won’t.   Either way my belief is that if the world beats us up, knocks us from our sublime center, it’s always because over a time we have allowed this to happen.

By being less than we are, or less than what we are wanting to be, we weaken  ourselves.  We weaken ourselves by not doing what we are meant to be doing.

Yes, work is a burden, and oftentimes we feel it is keeping us from our “true calling in life”.  But never give in.  Know that you will find a way.  Know that you must.   Because if you want to be happy, you’ve got to be who your are.

Being anyone else is simply too hard.


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2 Responses to “Never Give Up – Who you Are is calling You!”

  • Glad to see you’re back writing…have missed you on MAP as well.

  • Thanks David, it’s good to be back, although I’m still struggling for time to work on this blog, it’s never far from my thoughts.

    So too with MAP, although I have managed to do some posting there recently, and I do look at it whenever I can. I’m not for quitting no matter how long I appear to be awol, and certainly it’s nice to know people are reading my stuff, so it’s got to be worth it.