What Do You See in the Martial Mirror?

It’s often the case with new or inexperienced students of a martial art that they judge themselves harshly.  You strip things down to the basics, line them up with a pad and ask them to hit it, showing them first just how it’s done, and they are purely self-conscious.

After all they’re not meant to be good.  Your eagle eye is upon them, and as they’ve put you on a pedestal, they miss the fact that you were just like them, once upon a time: the new kid on the block.

It’s not hard to see when confidence is lacking in a person.  A martial art should force a person to take a good hard look at themselves.

The pity is some don’t know if you look long enough and hard enough the fallacy of your inadequate-self begins to dissolve.  And that deep down beneath all injuries you’ve suffered there is a part of you that knows you are more, knows you are strong, does not quit, is capable of learning things of incalculable worth, is regenerative and equal to All.

So look in this Mirror!

These things I believe:

In time the Martial Mirror will kill self-pity.

In time the Martial Mirror will show you the Eye of the Storm (i.e. calm amid chaos, there will be a post on this soon).

In time the Martial Mirror will show you that fear and failure are phantoms, which confronted head on will lead you to Courage.

In time the Martial Mirror will show you You are your only enemy and there is no one to fear.


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