The pursuit of freedom

Stick with things as they are, compromise dreams and passions for a regular life, forget who you really are, stoke no fires in your heart,  give up your precious time to dull routine that demands so little from you…on and on…and no one will ever fault you.

Or fight and know nine times knocked down, ten times standing, you will be true to yourself, no matter what.

And know the quitter in you, the lazy one, the one who wants to stop, can not make you stop, will never make you stop.

And seeing, the fitter, the faster, the stronger, and fearing them not, know what’s “out” is nothing compared to what’s “in” and that it’s “there” that you live from.

It’s from there that you “rise”.

And rising, in pursuit of your freedom, when, as with the voice of no reckless wideacre, the boundless in you may mostly certainly speak, then you’re meeting the man that you’ve dreamed of…

…and you’ll know that you’re HIM.







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